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1983  ~  2020

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Home Drip & Micro Sprinklers & Sprays Typical layout

Mini Sprays

Uniform emission pattern provides excellent distribution, ideal for ground cover, mass plantings, annual flower beds.


Ideal for shrub and tree plantings and containers, adjustable flow and radius by turning cap.

Octa Jet

Octa Spray


 is designed for long runs and is great for planted borders, large hedges, tree runs or shrubs.

Drip line is 16mm dia and has drippers built into the tubing, runs of up to 100 meters can be achieved with this.

This is the ideal solution for long run watering.

Drip irrigation can help you create a more beautiful, healthier landscape whilst saving on water usage. By delivering water slowly in smaller doses, at or near the plants root zone where it does the most good. With little or no water lost to misting, run-off, wind drift or evaporation, water usage is often reduced by 50 - 70% over conventional broadcast spray methods.

Also a more localised, consistent watering from a drip system will promote healthier growth.